Mourning Bob Meyer

I just learnt, via Greg Restall’s twitterfeed, that Bob Meyer has lost his struggle with cancer.

I first met Bob when I was a masters student here at Calgary during the 1995 meeting of the Society for Exact Philosophy. I had helped Brian Chellas organize the conference, and so when Bob did not appear for his scheduled performance I was delegated to go rouse him — it turned out he had overslept.

When scheduling talks Brian had mentioned that Bob was not a morning person, and his session had been scheduled for 4pm. No one was surprised that this was still too early. I think I knew at that moment that philosophy and I were meant for each other.

During my three years as a doctoral student at Canterbury I was at a fair number of Australasian Association of Logic talks by Bob (all of which he was on time for!) — I don’t think I ever once had the courage to ask him a question, but I enjoyed every one. He will be missed.

Reminiscences by folks who knew him better than I: Greg Restall and David Chalmers.

I am sure he will be remembered fondly by all at the SEP this week.

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