Teaching and Supervision

I regularly teach courses on computability and undecidability, speech act theory, the semantics/pragmatics distinction, pornography and silencing, the metaphysics of race and gender, and Aquinas. I have occasionally taught a somewhat idiosyncratic course on Descartes. I also teach survey courses on medieval philosophy, 20th century analytic philosophy, philosophy of logic, and philosophy of language. At the introductory level I teach our Sex, Love, and Death course.

You can find a backlist of courses taught at the University of Calgary on my Department Profile page.

Honours thesis supervision
  • Samara Burns, Permutation Invariance. 2015.
  • Boaz Schuman. Devil Take the Hindmost: Cognition and Angelic Hierarchy in the de Angelis of Franciscus de Mayronis (c.1280-1327). 2013.
  • Emelia Baack. Thick as Thieves: an investigation of true friendship. 2010
  • Julia Zochodne. What do we do with a logic that is formal? 2009
  • Charles H. Kline III. My Apologies (I’m sorry you have to read this thesis). 2009
  • Adil Kurji. An Investigation into a Derogatory Utterance: or, this thesis is so gay. 2009
  • Mike Jordan. God, Care, and the Argument from Religious Experience. 2005
Graduate student supervision
  • Stephanie Reyes. De Se Attitudes: Lewisian Self-Ascription and Centered Worlds. MA 2018
  • James R. Scott. Figure and Ground: Considerations on the Natures and Logics of Time. MA 2010
  • R. Jonathan Chapman. Semantic and Pragmatic Elements in the Process of Understanding, A Non-Linear Approach. MA 2002