2009 Failing to do things with words Southwest Philosophy Review

2009: Failing to do things with words: Southwest Philosophy Review

volume = {25},
number = {1},
author = {Nicole Wyatt},
abstract = {It has become standard for feminist philosophers of language to analyze Catherine MacKinnon’s claim in terms of speech act theory. Backed by the Austinian observation that speech can do things and the legal claim that pornography is speech, the claim is that the speech acts performed by means of pornography silence women. This turns upon the notion of illocutionary silencing, or disablement. In this paper I observe that the focus by feminist philosophers of language on the failure to achieve uptake for illocutionary acts serves to group together different kinds of illocutionary silencing which function in very different ways.},
title = {{Failing to Do Things with Words}},
journal = {Southwest Philosophy Review},
year = {2009},
pages = {135-142},


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  1. What is told here about pornography might be interesting to be considered as well e.g. for some aspects of architecture, of performances and spectacular shows, of TV., of anesthesia (especially TIVA), of rites – of all situations having in common that there is individual or collective one way action with no reply expected or possible.

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