Game Studies @ SWTPCA (Belated Part 2)

So, yes, there was supposed to be a part two. And then I lost my phone and failed to get grading done in a timely manner, and so on and such and such. I am not an organized person. I am trying to give up apologizing for this, on the grounds that none of my apologies meet the Gricean conditions for sincerity — in particular, I have no real* intention of changing this behaviour.

So what was supposed to be in part two?

I went to a panel presentation feature three members of The Institute of Media Research at the Braunschweig University of Art. Serjoscha Wiemer, Stefan Boehme, and Rolf F. Nohr were there to talk about their research project, which focuses on knowledge representation in game interfaces, and the ways in which knowledge is acquired and deployed by gamers. It was an interesting session but I left blogging it so long that I no longer remember the details.

*I mean, I say I would like to change it, but I have being saying that for 20 years, so the extent to which this properly counts as an intention seems slim at best. Your theory may differ.